My Life Round Three?

Posted in Uncategorized on November 10th, 2009 by jerry

I was in New York last week. Saw over 250 actors auditioning for FROGZ, Biglittlethings and ZooZoo – Imago’s signature works of mask theatre. It’s exciting to see young actors who were not yet born when Carol and I first launched FROGZ who will probably be cast in the show – this work is certainly generational.

In 1992, we had decided to not venture further into mask theatre because we had explored it for over 14 years. One day back then, Carol and I walked into our agent’s office in New York and announced we were closing FROGZ, he nonchalantly said to his assistant “Ok Beverly call and cancel those $250,000 of contracts” His gambit worked. We went back to our hotel, thought about it and then called him back and told him not to cancel. I don’t regret that phone call. At the time I wasn’t sure.  I had believed I knew all there was to know about mask theatre but after another 16 years I’m still exploring.

Last week Carol and I met the folks at our new agency Opus 3 Artists. We’re honored to work with this prestigious group and who knows what the future holds.

I am entering my third act with mask theatre. I don’t know where it will lead. I certainly thought Imago’s debut on Broadway in 2000 with FROGZ was the apex of my mask theatre career. Now I’m thinking more is to come.

Biglittlethings opens Dec 11.