“Splat” creator interviewed

Posted in Uncategorized on April 26th, 2011 by carol

Jerry Mouawad interviews Carol Triffle about her show “Splat”


You designed the set as you have with all your recent productions, can you talk about what you are trying to achieve and how it ties into the play?


The set is a 1980’s suburban ranch style home. I designed the set to ground the play and the main character Cinder. Since sometimes the script jumps around in time at least the place remains constant. I want Cinder to seem to be an ordinary homemaker but in reality she is not.  She is a con artist out to steal and doublecross even her collegues. On the surface she is innocent by-stander but in reality she is the mastermind of the whole hoax.


This is your most accessible play to date.  Did you intend this? And if so, is this a new direction for you?


I used to try to turn things around.  Now I let that happen naturally and not intentionally. This show is like watching old movies and TV shows.  It has a little of sit-com,  Jerry Lewis, the Honeymooners, Film Noir and Westerns. I think when you access your history with these it gives the writing more substance so then it’s feels more accessible and understandable.


What part of the process are in at the moment?  Seems like you are still trimming a few lines here and there, but generally the script is in place and the actors are starting to find some shape to their characters - talk about where you are in the show from a director view point.


Lines give information but are also like music. If they don’t sound right it is like playing a bad note.  Get rid of it. I believe your character happens without words and words begin to make sense when the character state is developed. Sometimes I can sense that when actors are having a hard time saying the lines. It’s usually because they haven’t developed their character state.  Sometimes they just need time to physically envelope that state and then the mental will just kick in.

Splat opens May 19 and plays to June 4