“Splat” Interview #2

Posted in Uncategorized on May 12th, 2011 by carol

Jerry interviews Carol about Splat

Jerry -Splat turned out to be a music-theater caper con piece.  Did you ever intend to end with that?

Carol - I intended Splat to be some sort of musical. I like songs because lyrics can have an emotional state that spoken words can’t. I didn’t start with a caper con piece. I started with something dark like noir but it just morphed into comedy noir.

Jerry - Your writing process for this show was a bit different.  You began with a rather non-sensical piece that eventually become more and more linear.  Can you talk about the process you went through?

Carol - I do like to write dialogue and try to fit it into the story and I guess that’s why sometimes my shows seem non-sensical because it doesn’t always fit, but real life is always going off topic. And to tell the truth, I do try to have an understandable story. Sometimes I just get caught up in the sound of the dialogue that sends me astray. And again I try to keep in within the frame of the original story line, but again it depends on my straying off topic because of those light blub ideas that flash in my head, I just can’t control them. Or I just don’t like where the story is going. I like to have some fun with the audience.

Jerry - Like your previous plays, maybe more for this one, some of the lines were in place even before the actual story was in place.  What makes you write a line to begin with?

Carol - That’s not completely true.  I did have a slim frame of a story. But it’s true I do write dialogue sometimes just for the fun it and hope that it can work out in a play. It’s funny how people talk to each other and how situations are sometimes universal. You can hear the same lines in a dramatic play or a comedy.

Jerry - When you write a line, are you listening for its rhythm, its tone, its meaning, its humor, what is most important for you?

Carol - I think all those are important. You’re starting to sound too smart for me. I do think of all those things but I don’t have guidelines to write by.

Jerry - When writing, how do you know what should become a song?

Carol - When I write a song, I think of the words musically.  When I write dialogue, I think the way people just talk to each other. And then I re-write and edit about ten or more times.


Splat plays from May 19 to June 4 at Imago Theatre