My Journey of Movement and Words

Posted in Uncategorized on May 8th, 2014 by jerry

My artistic life has been traveling between the worlds of non-verbal theater and very verbal theater.

Perhaps, it’s my beginnings of working in mask theater (non-verbal) for over a decade before I started to go crazy being silent that began Imago’s path to create plays with lots and lots of words.

With words, different things happen. With silence, or lack of words (music and movement), different things happen. In other words, there is vastness in the non-verbal genres of theater,  and,  the verbal genres of theater. Big worlds.

Beginning in 2009 I began a series of silent plays that I called “Opera Beyond Words”. Little did I know that that series was leading me back to plays with language. I followed up with “The Black Lizard” and two Pinter productions, “The Lover” and “The Caretaker.”

Now, I’m completing that journey in “Pimento & Pullman” I was reflecting on the “Opera Beyond Words” series which included - Apis, Cuban Missile Tango, Tick Tack Type, Stage Left Lost, and Zugzwang, and I wanted to return to directing/choreographing more of that world but in a new way. Thus the return of words. Call this new series “Opera with Words”?

Wilder’s “Pullman Car Hiawatha” is a perfect vehicle for my experimentation. To make the evening even more unusual. I have coupled it with a bit of naughtiness (Since Wilder’s piece is a bit sweet) with a clown piece for adults called “Pimento”

“Pimento & Pullman” opens June 12 at Imago.