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Imago Theatre, 17 SE 8th Avenue in Portland,  is producing a concert performance of an original music-theatre work titled “Satie’s Journey” by Marisa Wildeman (composer) and by Jerry Mouawad (librettist)  See below for show detail. 


We are casting the following:



English Horn



Percussion (Hand drum & tambourine)


Mezzo-Soprano (approx. G3-G5)

Tenor (approx. B2-G4)

Bass/Baritone (approx. E2-E4)


Compensation is $575 per performer for all rehearsals and performance. Must be vaccinated prior to first rehearsal (with the waiting period included). Must be 18 years or older. Must be able to work legally in the US. 


Rehearsal and performance dates.


Sept 26, 3-hour evening call, early warm-up rehearsal

Official rehearsal…

Oct 5th to 8th, 3 hour evening call

Oct 9th, 4:30 call for 7:30 concert performance


To apply send audition video or sound file with resume to:




Audition sample – Please provide a video recording of no more than 5 minutes duration showcasing your work. You may choose your own audition exceprt(s), but please let us know the title, composer, and section you have chosen. Contemporary or 20th century selections preferred.


Those selected for callbacks will be notified. This is a non-union production. 

The concert performance will not be staged. There are no traditional “roles” or costumes for this performance. Please note that the work itself is neither a traditional musical theater work nor a traditional operetta, but stylistically leans more toward the classical tradition of the west and, in part, traditional classical music of the east, such as traditional Turkish classical music. 


Send questions to Marisa.



This new and adventurous music-theater work, from librettist Jerry Mouawad and composer Marisa Wildeman, resurrects the spirit of Erik Satie, a groundbreaking, eccentric, fin de siècle composer who shielded dry umbrellas under his coat (no matter the weather) and stacked two grand pianos in his apartment (for reasons unknown). With a fanciful narrative indebted to Mouawad’s teen years in Beirut and Wildeman's dreamscape score weaving fragments of Satie with traditional Middle Eastern sounds, Satie's Journey delves into the mind of a creative genius whose unique ability to think outside the box resonates as a precursor of neurodiversity today. Situated somewhere between a familiar haven and a mystical paradise, Satie’s Journey transcends the time and place that birthed its various elements and, by doing so, becomes its own metaphor for the underlying “oneness” in all things, regardless of how different they first appear.  






Imago Seeks Actors and non-Actor Pods for Rehearsals for ROO!

Imago seeks pods of two to four people for paid rehearsals for a new show. This is an opportunity for actors and non-actors to work in a safe environment and help build a new show while making money.

Imago will begin to rehearse a new family show called ROO! (for Kangaroo). We are seeking actors that are physical, who have one or two other people in their pod group. Only one member of the pod needs to be an actor, others can be non-actors.

The work is physical and we recommend people from 18 to about 40 to apply.

Roo! has ten to twelve different scenes in the show. Each scene is performed in a costume with a mask. Each scene comprises two to four characters.

In order to rehearse the scenes safely we are looking for an actor (female, male or non-binary) that has a social pod of two to three other people. We define a pod as a group of people that have agreed to quarantine from the rest of the community for Covid safety reasons. Quarantine is defined as that you follow all state mandated Covid-19 guidelines, for example - you wear masks when around people not in your pod, and practice safety guidelines set forth by the CDC.

Imago Theatre would assign a different pod for different scenes. No two pods would share costumes or masks, nor be in the same rehearsals. The pod would be in a large rehearsal room with a director who is at least 15’ to 20' away.

Covid-19 policies would be in place for use of restrooms, eating area or moving throughout the rest of the building when not in rehearsal.

To apply send in a resume and headshot of the actor who will be the lead in your pod. Send in the names of other non-actors in your pod. Non-actors in your pod do not need to send in resume or headshots. Pods that are selected for auditions will attend a live social distance audition set up for your pod alone.

All pods will be paid $13.50 per person per hour. All pod members must live in Portland, and must be 18 years or older. Must be able to work in US legally. Rehearsals will take place at Imago Theatre, 17 SE 8th Avenue.

We are currently in production to build the costumes and masks. Rehearsals will begin by January or February of 2021. Rehearsals will take place for the entire 2021 year. The show is slated to open or preview either late in 2021 or 2022 when safety permits. If your pod is only available for a certain amount of time (for example Mar/Apr) – that’s fine, go ahead and apply.

Please note that if your pod is selected it does not guarantee that any member of your pod will be cast in the show.

Email your applications and questions to:


These are non-equity positions. The exact times of rehearsals will be determined by each pod. Rehearsals could last from one month to six months.







Imago Theatre, world acclaimed for mask-theatre with shows FROGZ and ZooZoo is accepting applications for apprenticeships for mask design, mold making and mask creation. 


Watch trailer here:



We are accepting apprentices to learn mask design, mold making and mask creation as we build a series of creatures for a new show that will tour internationally.


This is a non-paid apprenticeship program.  You must be living in Portland, or find your own housing. Hours of the apprenticeship are in the day beginning July and completing in August. Some evening hour only apprentices will be accepted. 


In the apprenticeship program you will participate in mold making and mask construction of several masks.  Apprentices will study design and be given the opportunity to make their own mask and learn the skills of mask performance for the theatrical stage.



Jerry Mouawad, Co-Artistic Director, Imago Theatre

Lance Woolen, Director of Fabrication for Imago’s La Belle


To apply send resume or description of your background in theatre craft.  Include a cover letter.


Send applications: