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Imago Theatre

Double Season Auditions 2015/2016 & 2016/2017
Imago Theatre is holding auditions for four (4) productions that begin now through 2017 for stipend and salaried non-equity actors. This is an open call for non-equity performers 18 years and older.

There are roles available for 10 males (18 to 50) and 9 females (18 to 50)
Open Calls take place on three dates (attend only one:)
Monday Sept 7, 6PM, or
Monday Sept 21, 6PM
Please bring headshot or photos to auditions.  Do not email photos and headshots.
All auditions are at Imago Theatre, 17 SE 8th
To audition, simply arrive at the start time of the audition, sign up and enter the audition (please arrive early.)  Actors will be seen in groups.  There are two audition dates, do not audition more than once, if you are selected for callbacks those dates will be sent to you directly.  You may audition for one or more productions.  However, we may consider you for all productions.
Questions? Email –

#1. BAUDELAIRE, March 10 to 27, 2016

Roles available: 20 movement actors of ages 18 to 50.
Compensation: Stipend
Workshop Rehearsals – see below,
Official Rehearsal Period Jan 29 to Mar 9
Performance Dates three shows per weekend from Mar 10 to Mar 27
Artistic Co-director Jerry Mouawad will stage a large ensemble movement/text/new performance work about a group of inmates in an institution who are propelled to perform a series of Baudelaire poems (from Paris Spleen.)  To be considered for this you must participate in the poem workshops (no cost to you) as well as the official rehearsal period. The poem workshops take place leading up to the official rehearsal period. Movement and Dance are the genres of this work. Please wear dance wear or athletic wear.  No prepared material is required. 
BAUDELAIRE intertwines poetry as its launching point to construct an original work.


#2 Henry IV by Pirandello, time period to be announced

Roles available - 10 men, 7 women, age range 20 to 50

Compensation: Stipend
Official Rehearsal Period To Be Determined
Performance Dates To Be Determined

#3. LA BELLE, June 2016 to May 2017

Imago’s next national touring production, 2016, 2017
Roles available: one female, non-equity, 18 to 30. Skills needed include movement, acting, song. 
Preparation: Prepare a 20 second humorous monologue (really only 20 sec) and a 20 second song - a cappella  please.
Compensation: $500 per week plus housing and per diem on tour, $500 per week for Dec 2016 run.  Rehearsal periods to be negotiated.

Rehearsal Period.  June 1 to July 30, 2016
Previews. The month of August 2016
2nd Rehearsal Period the months of October and November 2016
Official opening the month of December 2016
National Tour sometime Winter/Spring 2017
You must be available for all of above in the timeline to be considered. See “National Consideration” below.
For more on La Belle…

#4. CLOUD, May 19 to June 19, 2016

By Carol Triffle
Roles available: 4 to 8 male and females, non-equity, 18 years to 50. 
Preparation: Prepare a 20 second humorous monologue (really only 20 sec)
Compensation: Stipend
Workshops:  several weeks prior to official rehearsals, times TBD.
Official Rehearsals: April 1 to May 18
Run: four shows per week, May 19 to June 19
After a two-year haitus Carol Triffle retuns with another original Cloud.   A semi-linear romp into the unexpected chaos of Bridget’s unstable world.  Of Triffles’ past works - “Twisted and delightful fever” WW; “Wierdly Brilliant” Oregonian.  If you’re looking for a director that will pull every bit of comedy out of you in an unusual process, and strengthen your clown work, stretch your acting style, consider reading for CLOUD.

National Consideration – Please read if auditioning for La Belle.
This is for the young at heart that have high aspirations but are not really certain of their future.  
Here’s a little story.  Imago auditions for a national tour.  Jane does really well and beats out Betty. But when Jane comes down to make a two-year difficult decision after three callbacks she backs out of the show.  Now this is all good for Jane, she got what she wanted. But unfortunately she beat out Betty who would have had a good gig with Imago Theatre. But Betty went onto to another smaller, less exciting show.   Jane’s wishful and but not-thorough thinking damaged Betty and Imago Theatre.  Before you audition for La Belle, think through whether you want to enter a long-term professional relationship with Imago and work on a show from June 2016 to May 2017, and perhaps beyond.  This role is not for someone looking to play a multitude of different roles in the next couple of years, but one who wants to sink deep into multilevel acting, enrich their style and form depth, and work on movement/clown theater.
Do us a favor, please don’t audition for La Belle, if you’re not very serious about this role, choose another one of our plays for a shorter process. Don’t ruin Betty’s opportunity. We need to find Betty.
La Belle Description
For the first time in over 35 years, the acclaimed Imago Theatre has created a new fairy tale experience for audiences of all ages.  La Belle, Lost in the World of the Automaton meshes elements of steampunk and automata with the original classic La Belle et la Bête.

Set aboard a steamship circa 1920  La Belle is the unlikely love story of the ship’s coal stoker  (Sam Stoker) and  one of the vacationers on the ship  (Lady Rose).  When she takes refuge from a storm while on  deck Rose finds herself in Sam’s engine room far below.  She is drawn to a myriad of trunks and treasures accumulated there, including objects of Sam’s own creation and discovers that he has constructed the story of La Belle et la Bête in the world of the automata (figurines brought to life by the ingenuity of clockwork mechanics). She also knows the story Beauty and the Beast and soon joins him in the telling.  They become friends, beautifully melding the real and fantasy worlds while playing the characters of Belle and the Beast, and beyond their control they fall in love.  Like a giant toy containing moving gears, machines and a backdrop of a whimsical ship, the physical set is a kinetic and animated environment from which over a 100 effects, puppets and automata emerge to tell this magical tale.






Saturday and Sunday Oct 17 & 18
At Imago Theatre, 17 SE 8th Avenue
1:30 to 5:00 each day

Tuition $150 total for both days.
Limited Attendance. For questions or to pre-register email Pratik at: pratikmotwani40@hotmail.com All workshop participants are expected to wear plain neutral clothes ( Preferably Black).


Taught by Pratik Motwani , company member and lead performer in Imago Theatre's FROGZ
How do we transform ourselves into that which we are not or that which is within us but is yet to be revealed?


When one puts on a mask one assumes the responsibility of bringing it to life by engaging in physical action. Not merely animating it but giving one's self up to that which it demands of us. Every mask ( that is well made) within its form contains the spirit of a character or an attitude or a state of being. The discovery then is the discovery of this spirit within us. We do this physically and not intellectually , not by thinking about it but by doing, by moving. We discover this spirit in the rhythm or lack of rhythm of movement, in full embodied engagement with gesture's which are different from our own personal rhythms and gestures. Rhythms and gestures that support the mask and fill it with intentionality in the here and now holding theatrical space and time, bringing it to life. Embodying the character therefore becomes a physical experience and not merely an intellectual proposal.

Day 1: The Language of the Body

The Present Body : Sense of Play, Reflex Action, Availability and Response to Stimuli

The Body in Space : Physical Self Awareness, States of Energy, Centers of gravity.
The Moving Body: Movement Study, Investigation of the nature of movement in Animals, Elements and Materials
Basics of Mask Performance: Work with Focus, Intention, States of tension, Isolation, Articulation, Opposition, Interruption, Discovery , The Sharing of the Discovery. 


Day 2: The Spirit Of The MASK

Embodying the character of the mask:
Larvel Masks
Animal Masks
Emotional Masks
Character Masks